Risk-analysis of areas of conflict
Do your activities take you to areas of conflict? In this case GRAC can provide you with a detailed risk-analysis of the region in question and help you to arrange practical solutions on location.
Acquisition of the latest technology 
GRAC can supply you with specific tools and software for various types of surveillance missions. We can even provide you access to technologies which are normally for government use only.
Parallel enquiry to an official investigation abroad
In case of a complex enquiry which involves various authorities whose cooperation is rather difficult GRAC can carry out an independent investigation and even coordinate the activities of the involved agencies.
Surveillance (persons, objects and sites)
The GRAC has the capabilities to organise surveillances abroad of persons, objects and sites (for example vehicles, shipments, residences, etc).
Training for handling critical situations
Nobody is safe from a situation where the correct handling of stress becomes vital for surviving, for instance in case of a kidnapping, an armed robbery, etc. GRAC organises training courses for interested people which teaches them to react correctly in these kinds of situations.
Gathering of information through an IT-expert
Should your request be of an IT relevant nature then GRAC’s IT experts can obtain the required information by doing a thorough search of computer, telephone or internet.