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The Global Risk Assessment Corporation (GRAC) has been founded in 2009 The GRAC specialises in the collection of commercial, strategic and operational information. She is looking back on expert knowledge accumulated over the last ten years in the international field. 
Our expertise is a guarantee for a successful completion of your request especially concerning areas where it is difficult to operate in a safe, autonomous and efficient manner. 
Our experience in conflict and post-conflict zones, as well as our network built in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia are the guarantee for our success. 
We are at your disposal for all additional questions and would be happy to present you the full range of our services on a personal level. 
Our area of operations 
Our expertise extends to all commercial activities as well as to the area of information gathering and risk analysis (strategic and operational). Consulting in security matters and crisis management are also part of GRAC’s know-how. Our operational skills equally cover surveillance, investigations and enquiries predominantly abroad. GRAC also offers concept development and implementation for those areas. 
Primarily our services are intended for governmental and international organisations, as well as private enterprises like banks and insurance companies. Our prime values are trustworthiness, professionalism, discretion and flexibility. 
We offer you custom-tailored services because each problem has its proper solution. Our high level of flexibility enables us to guarantee you a unique and exclusive service for your request. GRAC disposes of a global network of specialists and experts in the regions of interest which are able to produce first-class results. 
Concept and areas of activities 
GRAC’s partners are divided in two components – international experts (EI) and national experts (EL). 
EIs are either Swiss or foreign advisors with special skills who are on location or can be deployed world-wide. 
ELs are local associates who have access to regional and privileged sources of information. 
GRAC’s areas of activities cover the following regions: 
Balkans (Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, etc.) 
Europe (France, Italy, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, etc.) 
Middle East (Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Irak, etc.) 
Africa (Ivory Coast, Senegal, Kongo, Rwanda, South Africa, etc.) 
Asia (Thailand, Burma, Laos, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc.)
· Our area of operations
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· Concept and areas of activities
Risk-analysis of areas of conflict
Do your activities take you to areas of conflict? In this case GRAC can provide you with a detailed risk-analysis of the region in question and help you to arrange practical solutions on location.
Acquisition of the latest technology 
GRAC can supply you with specific tools and software for various types of surveillance missions. We can even provide you access to technologies which are normally for government use only.
Parallel enquiry to an official investigation abroad
In case of a complex enquiry which involves various authorities whose cooperation is rather difficult GRAC can carry out an independent investigation and even coordinate the activities of the involved agencies.
Surveillance (persons, objects and sites)
The GRAC has the capabilities to organise surveillances abroad of persons, objects and sites (for example vehicles, shipments, residences, etc).
Expertise of documents done by a forensic expert
Should you be in doubt of the authenticity of a document, a signature or some other official looking paper then GRAC can arrange a complete expertise of the items in question.

Veille stratégique et opérationnelle.

Compilation of active and passive security concepts
Should your journey take you to regions where your regular security set-up is not enough then GRAC has the means to guarantee you a safe and comfortable trip.
Gathering information abroad
Due to its worldwide network of experts GRAC is able to provide you with vital information for the execution of your activities (for example background check of a person or a company, verification of an address, etc)
Training for handling critical situations
Nobody is safe from a situation where the correct handling of stress becomes vital for surviving, for instance in case of a kidnapping, an armed robbery, etc. GRAC organises training courses for interested people which teaches them to react correctly in these kinds of situations.
Gathering of information through an IT-expert
Should your request be of an IT relevant nature then GRAC’s IT experts can obtain the required information by doing a thorough search of computer, telephone or internet.
Fight against fraud
orimarily intended for insurance companies. GRAC offers you discrete revision of statements given by your clients (for incrimination or exoneration purposes). The following rang of services are at your disposal:
Basic Check-Up
Due to its network of local experts GRAC is able to make discrete enquiries at various administrative offices (administrations, solicitors, registry of deeds, motor vehicle department, immigration, etc.)
Revision of statements
Verification of statements concerning travel with vehicle, itinerary, possible companions, border crossings, etc.
Surveillance of persons
Thanks to their experience and connections GRAC can set up the surveillance of persons or objects in areas which are difficult to access.
Search for persons or objects
Our global network can be activated at any time in the search for missing persons or stolen goods.
Facilitation of enquiries
Cooperation with foreign agencies is often difficult and tiresome. Our well placed local experts offer you a way of getting the required information fast and straightforward.
Verification of foreign documents
Who can guarantee the authenticity of foreign documents? GRAC can have most foreign documents verified by their numerous local associates.
A multi-ethnic world: decryption
The mutual understanding is the key to communication not only on a linguistic level but also on a cultural one. We are able to provide you the necessary tools for decoding certain mentalities often differing very much from ours.
Our expertise is the best way for the success of your business, particularly in certain regions of the globe where it is difficult to operate in a autonomous way safely. 

The GRAC, is a Swiss company, specialized in the research for information (commercial, strategic and operational type), endowed with a big practice obtained during the last ten years on the international scene. 

Our experience as well as our network, acquired in the emerging countries in Europe and beyond (the Balkans – the Middle East – Africa – Asia) are the security of our efficiency 
We are at your disposal for any further information and would be happy to have the opportunity to present you the extent of our capacities during a personal interview.
The GRAC, active in the security domain, is specialized in the evaluation and the follow-up of the threats and the risks in the sensitive zones of the globe, with a particular focus on the Middle East, Russia and Ukraine.
Wished profile 
Several years of experience in the security domain, with knowledge of the ground, as well as from a vast network of relations. Person of autonomous and independent nature, being in the habit of evolving in conflicting regions. Advantage for the persons having specific linguistic knowledge for target areas.
Type of contract
Mandate in definite duration 
Defined according to type of mandate.
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